Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria for the Study

Inclusion Criteria

Only patients that meet all of the following inclusion criteria can be included in this study.

1. Signed Declaration of informed consent
2. Male or female
3. ≥ 18 years
4. Recurrent kidney stone episodes (> 1) or an individual kidney stone episode with one or several of the following risk factors:
- The first manifestation at the age of <25
- Positive family history
- Non-calcium oxalate stones
- Gastrointestinal disorders (e.g. gastric bypass surgery, inflammatory bowel dis-ease, malabsorption etc.)
- Osteoporosis
- Nephrocalcinosis
- Single kidneyness
- Currently pregnant
- Gout
- Metabolic syndrome / Diabetes Mellitus type I & II
- Residual calculi (≥ 3 months after the therapy)
- Bilateral or multiple stones
- Chronic urinary tract infection
- Chronic renal failure (eGFR <60 ml/min.)
- Kidney transplant

Exclusion criteria

Patients with at least one of the following exclusion criteria may not take part in this study.
1. No signed Declaration of informed consent
2. Age < 18 years

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Thu, November 1st:

Enrolment Update

829 patients have been enrolled in the SKSC. This includes 92 subjects of the Control Group

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