General Information and Objectives of this Project

Kidney stones occur worldwide in all populations with relatively high incidence. There are different types of kidney stones and also the size strongly varies. Nevertheless, the exact formation in most cases is until today still unknown. To be able to understand better the formation of kidney stones, as well as the possible risk and/or triggering factors for kidney stones, and to be able to derive measures for the prevention of kidney stones, a national kidney stone patient cohort is now set up for the first time in Switzerland. That means, blood and urine samples are collected throughout Switzerland from patients with kidney stones and are stored in a so-called Biobank. These blood and urine samples are then used for future research projects for the better understanding of kidney stones.

Latest News

Thu, September 26th,
Bern , Inselspital:

4th Kidney Stone Symposium 2019


Fri, June 21st:

Enrolment Update

843 patients have been enrolled in the SKSC. This includes 100 subjects of the Control Group

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